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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Telluride 1987

Can you imagine seeing the @gratefuldead here? This is @telluride  Both Shows are Here

Rob Eaton suggested on Facebook this week that the Spring 1987 tour was the bomb.  Rob's never wrong so I deccided to take a look at these shows in Rob's Colorado, the Telluride shows In August 1987.  Since you can ski until June or July, August counts as Spring in Colorado, right?

Many others have done a great job covering this show here are some I like:

And by 1987, several of the late grate Dead fanzines were in Colorado in full force. You can see several of their thoughts below as well.  Yes, I always have a fond spot for Blair and Regan.

And the Charlie Miller Masters which you can link to above (mp3 because FLAC takes too much space in my dropbox after doing this blog for 3 years, you can alway go to LL or BT.ETREE if you need the flacs or message me and I can help).

The fresh start of the first day with Feel Like A Stranger>Franklin's Tower feels just right for this show.  Scarlet Fire is also top-notch late 1980's.  There are a lot of high level shows in 1987 like the Dew La Bamba show at  MSG on Sept 18, New Years and pretty much anything in the Spring  (Frost for example). So the Telluride shows don't really compare in "band performance", "song selection" to many other shows of the year.  But just look at this place. Feel the energy. Don't ya wish it was 30 years ago again today? We have been thinking of 1977 and its 40th anniversary, but lets not forget 1987 too.  Enjoy this little remembrance of the past.

Golden Road
Thanks for Your Years Blair and Regan !

Golden Road

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