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Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Cosmic Durability of the Grateful Dead Traverse Park West September 4, 1983

Hooray, its 1983 Dead.  The band always wanted to play outside in Utah and I can understand that.  When I moved to California on the Green Tortoise in December 1980 just prior to my first fivr night stand, we stopped near El Paso and took a little boat over to Mexico to get some Peyote. Which I enjoyed that night as daylight broke in Utah.  It was only then that I realized that every mountain in Utah was on fire and looked exactly like Mt Rushmore. True story.

Unfortunately I was a spoiled Bay Area Deadhead three years later in 1983 and walked or took Bart to most of my Dead shows instead of a short 1000 or so mile road trip to see an Oudoor Utah show at a ski resort or as the Honolulu Advertiser says in 1983, the cosmic durability of the Grateful Dead.   I heard that Scarlet>Fire is a killer at this show, as it most have been, and there is a nice three song video feed of the show at the bottom of this one.  So enjoy the look and feel and sound of Utah outdoor show in 1983 and tell me what really happened when you show this in person.

This was one of those historic shows with China>Rider and Scarlet>Fire played back to back to back to back.  

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