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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Highgate, July 13, 1994

For my 300th post, I give you a massive big outdoor in the woods type show.

Late in their life, The Grateful Dead played Highgate. Twice actually, but this is the tale of the first show there.  This was the first Dead show in Vermont in 11 years. The first visit was in 1978

More than 60,000 were there.  This is an era where the Dead could generate almost $2 million a night in ticket sales (see Billboard accountings of shows near this one) as well as hang with congress (a different breed back then too).

I don't listen to much Dead music from 1994, but it's all here as well as several Vermont papers account of the show. And a little insight from the Dead Zines too.  Check the More here below for full issues that deal with the Summer 1994 tour including Highgate.  Only 7 of 60,000 in attendance voted for this one as sow of the year, so it was definitely more an experience than a mind-blowing show. It was like Standing on the Moon.  Have fun with all these memories here; if you can't read the fine print, click below and the PDFs are better.

Music and more here

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My 3rd and last dead show