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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Jerry Says "It Looks Like the 70's Are Gonna Be Weird": Last Set of the Sixties: Boston Tea Party 12-31-69

A rare review of "The Mason Song" on Opening Night
The Boston Globe review of the 12/29 show; adds some color to the unknown opening of the show

The last set of the 1960’s started with Alligator and was the last Dead new years played outside the Bay Area.  This little medley of Yellow Dog, Alligator ->
Jam ->
And We Bid You Good Night Jam ->
Alligator ->
Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) ->
Feedback ->
Good Lovin' ->
The Eleven
 is pretty outrageous.

Apparently this show was unknown until 1998, as it does not appear  in the original Taping Compendium, but only in the now-priced at $1000 Taping Addendum (see excellent review below)

Despite bring only 120 miles from the show my mommy and daddy did not allow this ten year old to attend (as well as the drinking laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you had to be at least 12-13 to go to a bar near Fenway with your Dad in 1971-72) . That would take 11 more years before seeing God at a New Year's show. Last show that the Dead ever played at the Tea Party (and related named clubs Ark etc), and would they will be graduating to BU, the Music Hall and The Garden. Within months they would even headlined over trained Chimps.

Here's the mp3s etc  and Charlie Miller's Flac

Amalie Rothschild's Photo in NYC 2 nights later. Buy Eyes of the World! Support the Photographers

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