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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I Welcome You On Behalf Of The Group, Great American Music Hall, August 13, 1975

The real story of this gig is at the great Lost Live Dead blog  
As usual, mine is just a fan site add-on.

When I picked up Make Believe Ballroom sometime late in 1975 or early in 1976 in Cambridge at one of those independent record for oh about $5, I couldn't believe it. I had loved Blues for Allah since its 9-1-1975 release date, but this was on another level. This bootleg was the closest thing to a guidepost of how the Dead would sound when I first saw them in June 9 and 12 in 1976 at the Boston Music Hall (although I wouldn't hear Help Slip Franklin's until my fourth show on April 23, 1977.)  A girl I know from college was gifted this record oh about 1978 and she says she still has it it. You are lucky Liz in Indy. A little bit more on Make Believe is ...  I couldn't risk  had to get another copy just now from Japan ebay.
Coming Soon to Me :)

I saw a show here at Great America Music Hall only once in 1981, I remember the Tony Rice Unit (yes from The Pizza Tapes), because I knew this kid from Lewiston, Maine (yes that Lewiston) Ted Carpenter, who was now known as Fred Carpenter who has a fiddle shop around Nashville.  Hi Ted.

The Famous Bill Graham Introduction into Help on the Way into Slipknot into Franklin's Tower into The Music Never Stopped is so fame I can't believe it. So Is the Eyes>Stronger then Dirt.  But the Seocond Set is also crazy good   Crazy Fingers>The Other One>Sage & Spirit>GDTRFB>US Blues followed by Blues for Allah makes this a special unique show.

Here is the music etc from this show.

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