Asked to describe the Grateful Dead's music, Garcia is reported to have quipped, “We were great for seconds on end.” (stolen from Cubensis site)

Friday, August 17, 2018

25 Years Ago: Best Days Between, August 22, 1993 Autzen

Your assignment today is to listen to maybe the best version of the last Garcia/Hunter masterpieces, which occured almost exactly 25 years ago today.  Just click above, and I got you covered.

This is the first 1993 show I have covered in Grateful Seconds.  I'm not an expert in late period Dead, since I only saw one more show after July 24, 1987 with Dylan, but here goes.

This is certainly a show of the year candidate, third in Deadbase behind 9-22 (MSG, David Murray, Dark Star, you get the drift) and 3-24 (30 Trips at the Knick).

And you get the all-time Days Between here (top in Deadbase too).
Hear it all here music

Since its 1993 you get a  late period Help on the Way suite, newspaper coverage, fanzine reviews, and all kind of bells and whistles.  About 43,000 paid $1.1 million to attend this show.

RIP to the kids who died driving back from the show. Still so sad after 25 years.

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