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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Listen to The Finest Versions of 11 Garcia Ballads as Voted on by Fans, 1971-1994

A wonderful Garcia song towards the end of the night makes a show or a year.  Note that when you consider the top-voted Garcia ballads from headyversions and Deadbase 11, you find that 9 of 11 best favorite versions are ranked in the top-6 shows of the year they were played.

For more on these tunes see

Some of the versions shine by the company they keep, Beautful Jam, St Stephen, Caution Jam, Split Sugars, got my Mojo working, and other rarities.

I should note Happy 25th birthday to Standing on the Moon top-version, August 21, 1993.

Interesting that most of these come from the 1970s with a few coming at the end in the 90s when Standing on the Moon and Days Between came about.

Rankings are the headyversion and the Deadbase 11 versions.

1. Wharf Rat   Heady  2-18-71 #3 show of year in both lists.  This is the only Garcia Ballad Hall of Famer top-voted that was in set one!

 2. Sing Me Back Home 8-27-72 #1 show of 1972.    we all know it, this is the beauty that comes out at the end of the show.

3. Ship of Fools 6-23-74  #10 show of the year  Jam-> Ship of Fools,

4. Morning Dew 5-8-77  #1  in both lists   we all know this one

5.  Comes A Time  5-9-77 #2 in both votes.  This IS the one too

6. China Doll 5-19-77 #5 show of the year    Playin' in the Band>Uncle John's Band>The Wheel>
China Doll>Playin' in the Band

7. Black Peter  10-29-77 #11  10-19-74  # 1show of the year
The heady and Deadbase voters split here:

10-29-77 De Kalb Estimated Prophet-> Eyes Of The World-> Saint Stephen-> Not Fade Away-> Black Peter-> Sugar Magnolia

10-19-74Sugar Magnolia>He's Gone>Truckin'>Caution Jam>Truckin'>Black Peter>Sunshine Daydream  Buy the Winterland soundtrack!

8. Stella Blue 10-21-78 #5  6-14-91 #6 show of the year also had split headyversion and deadbase favs

10-21-78 Estimated Prophet-> He's Gone->Mojo> The Other One-> Stella Blue-> Sugar Magnolia

6-14-91Estimated Prophet>Dark Star>D/S>Stella Blue> Love Light

9. If I Had the World to Give  11-20-78 #20 show of the year, not polled in deadbase, but is in headyversions.  From the crazy Cleveland show.  I saw 11-21, so missed this by one night   rats!

10. Standing on the Moon 8-21-93 #6  show of 1993.
Happy birthday

11. Days Between  12-11-94 Unranked   8-22-93 #3 show of 1994.

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