Asked to describe the Grateful Dead's music, Garcia is reported to have quipped, “We were great for seconds on end.” (stolen from Cubensis site)

Monday, March 7, 2016

Grateful Dead Invade Manhattan, Early April 1971

It must have been a circus when the Dead invaded Manhattan in April 1971. First up was the Dance Marathons at the Manhattan Center.

According to the open letter to Patrons from the April 15 issue of the Village Voice, guess the band was starting to feel the New York City craziness.

The second night would bring us Not Fade Away>Goin Down the Road from the Skullfuck Album, but night one gave us the more unusual  Goin Down the Road>St Stephen>Not Fade Away that you hear now.  Fun times in the City.

Other shows in New York at that time include:




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