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Thursday, March 17, 2016

New Betty Boards We Never Heard About Ever Ever Before

Some days are better than others and Phil Lesh's 76th birthday was one of the best of all.

There is a famous list below and we know it by heart. But then came Phil Lesh's 76th Birthday Present delivered by the great David Lemeuix
Whiskey River, Don't Run Dry


The coolest chick ever at the Warfield 1980

What! How did this happen? I am so happy today, and as an added trip the first weekend from Red Rocks.  Red Rocks July 1978 was so great that the Dead made the very next two shows at Red Rocks also at the end of August, and before the Giant's Stadium and Egypt shows.

Of the approximately 55, now 58, Betty Boards, I only saw two of these shows, the famous Boston Garden Show from May 7, 1977, the night before Cornell (of my friends, only Rick Sullivan was there in Ithaca).  And Dick's Picks 34 from Rochester, the step back show.
In honor of Boston, you are hearing the Half Step>Big River that filled set one.

Until now, with five full show Betty Boards, The band has released very little from these shows.

I asked David Gans if we night get more on Twitter, he says hopefully David will shed some light :)
Perhaps it will be early May 1977 or even Ann Arbor December 1971 xoxoxoxox
or Berkeley High School 1971. August 24 and 25 are some of my favorite recordings of all time or May 73 Kezar. And maybe now we can get Binghamton 11-6-77, which I wrote about here:
I'm pretty excited as you can tell

According to deaddisc, here is what has been released.

2-18-71 Beautiful Jam on So Many Roads
2-19-71 Full Show as 3 From The Vault
4-5-71   Big railrioad Blues and Not Fade Away>GDTRFB on Skull & Roses
4-6-71 Playing In The Band, Oh Boy and I'm A Hog for You on Skull & Roses (last two on bonus)
5-4-72 Paris, full show in Europe 72 Complete
8-27-72 Kesey's Farm, full show
3-28-73 Springfield, WRS to the End is the Betty, released Dave's Picks 16 (was this from the Betty Returns?)
6-29-76 Chicago, The Wheel on So Many Roads
5-8-77 Cornell, Dancin in the Streets on Beyond Description
11-5-77 Rochester, Dick's Picks 34

Now we can five from July 1978 including three we did not know existed. 

Thanks David

We almost got one more but that dang rain in Wisconsin


Rob Eaton, a professional sound engineer and veteran taper, also had an amazing Betty Board adventure. Rob was asked to help salvage a large number of Betty Boards that were damaged. He had the right tools to clean them up.
Rob Eaton: I think it was a high point for me as a collector and trader, in terms of excitement and enthusiasm….I was told that there were a bunch of tapes, previously missing, that were bought at the now infamous auction. Since Jerry had just passed away, someone was going to try to pull the collection out and see what was there. I was very skeptical.
The cache included things like Betty’s diary from Egypt ’78, a couple of scribbled songs signed by Robert Hunter, Pigpen’s liver-cleansing diet, and maybe his passport photo. But besides the trunk, there were several road cases that were described as “large studio-format open reels, in road cases marked ‘Grateful Dead.’”
That’s basically what I saw, three fairly large road cases, stenciled “Grateful Dead” on the side. Two were filled with taped, and the other was filled with cookbooks, I think, or something like that. So two were a find and the third was kind of a bust, but frankly, they were all in shambles. All of the foam from inside the cases had deteriorated into dirt, and there was mold and water damage; they had obviously been through a flood. Everything was basically heaped and thrown into the cases, nothing had been placed nicely, it was all tossed…I believe there had been some flooding and I think that the reason they were placed into storage was because they had been in Betty’s basement, which had flooded badly. So they went down and quickly tossed the stuff into boxes and cases and things like that, and put them into storage. And since they never came out of storage, they just sat there, basically rotting, for years. I’m not sure of the year of the flood, but it was a bad one, whenever it was, because there was plenty of filth and mud and dirt and little pebbles, all sorts of stuff.
Eaton’s adventure began when he got a call from a longtime friend and fellow taper on the east coast. He was in his hotel room in Los Angeles and had heard that there was a possibility that some of these tapes were in northern California, and he thought that it was really important that it be checked out. So he flew into San Francisco one evening in stormy weather.
In the middle of the night, we drove to this tiny, desolate cabin in the mountains, and in a thunderstorm walked through a muddy cow field to this little shack of a barn behind the cabin. We had a little lantern and he swung the door to this shack open, and there were the three road cases. I sat there in the pouring rain, with only a little lantern for light, going through each tape and writing down any information I could find or marking things as unknown. That took me a couple of hours. The next day I went back to my notes and compiled it all on my computer and made a little report. I knew this fellow really wanted to do something with this collection; he really wanted to know what he had because I could see that he was envisioning trying to sell it. I convinced him that it was best for him to at least know what he had, since no one would buy the stuff if they didn’t know what it was, or whether it was playable. So that’s how we ended up doing the transfer, little bits at a time. It was an enormous job, and I don’t think that I left my house for a month. I spent twenty hours a day doing it; I spent hours cleaning and prepping the tapes just so they could be played. It was an enormous, taxing job, and yet it was very exciting at the same time; I’d have an unknown reel, with no idea what was on it. I’d clean it and play it, and there was beautiful music. It was quite exhilarating, while at the same time frustrating because I knew that none of it was mine, and that it wouldn’t see the light of day for quite some time. But I knew that they had to, at least, be restored in order for them to have any chance of making it at all.
Eaton wasn’t hired by the owner of the tapes. No money ever changed hands. He did it as a fan of the music and in order to preserve it since he thought it needed to be preserved. More than 200 tapes were cleaned inch by inch. There was so much silt and mold on the tapes, they had to be cleaned by hand.
After I cleaned the tapes, I tried to figure out exactly which show each tape was from. That was the next step in the process, and basically I started by pinpointing the year, just by knowing the sound. I could tell which tour a reel was from, or what area, but I didn’t necessarily know the specific date at first. The more songs I had, by using Deadbase and other tools, I could determine the exact date.
His deal with him was that Eaton would incur the costs of his restoration and in return, eventually, he’d get a copy of all of the tapes once the owner was able to liquidate the collection to whichever party wanted to buy it.
Theoretically, there would be a set of DAT’s waiting for me when it got sold. He was, is, in control. Whether or now I ever get them remains to be seen, but at this point in time, I’m not holding my breath. The guy has had some of his own legal trouble and money problems, so Eaton believes he was looking at this as a way to ease his difficulties. I think his not being a Deadhead doesn’t allow him to see the enormity or the beauty of what he has; he’s just looking at it as a business venture. He bought it all as an investment, and now he’s trying to make his investment pay off, and hopefully he can. Hopefully, one day there’ll be a collector or someone who wants to buy them, and then we’ll all have the music. But until then, it’s pretty tough.


As usual, JGMF has the most fresh and researched take on things:

This is a list of all known "Betty boards" as posted on Terrapin Station BBS in Darion CT (no longer on-line).

EDIT: Apparently there are additional Betty Boards according to some. Pointed out to me by Frank Streeter and additional research ( says that 5-28-77, 5-22-77, 2-26-79, 12-29-77, 9-3-77, 2-3/5-78 and many others are Betty Boards. I think these are Betty generated tapes that were not in Betty's storage, but always remained with the Band), more to follow

Grateful Dead Batch One
02.18.71 The Capitol Theater, Port Chester, New York
02.19.71 The Capitol Theater, Port Chester, New York
02.20.71 The Capitol Theater, Port Chester, New York
02.21.71 The Capitol Theater, Port Chester, New York
02.23.71 The Capitol Theater, Port Chester, New York
02.24.71 The Capitol Theater, Port Chester, New York
04.05.71 Manhattan Center, New York City (End Of 2nd Set Only)
04.06.71 Manhattan Center, New York City
04.07.71 Boston Music Hall, Boston, Massachusetts
04.08.71 Boston Music Hall, Boston, Massachusetts
12.14.71 The Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
05.04.72 The Olympia Theater, Paris, France
08.21.72 Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, California
08.22.72 Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, California
08.25.72 Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, California
08.27.72 Old Renaissance Faire Ground, Veneta, Oregon 
03.16.73 Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, Long Island, New York
03.21.73 Memorial Auditorium, Utica, New York
03.22.73 Memorial Auditorium, Utica, New York
03.24.73 Spectrum Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
05.26.73 Kezar Stadium, San Francisco, California
06.22.73 Pacific High Exhibition Coliseum, Vancouver, B.C.
ca. Aug-early Sep 'WAKE OF THE FLOOD Studio Out-takes, San Rafael, CA
circa 1975 'REFLECTIONS' Studio Out-takes
06.10.76 The Boston Music Hall, Boston, Massachusetts
06.11.76 The Boston Music Hall, Boston, Massachusetts
06.14.76 The Beacon Theater, New York City
06.15.76 The Beacon Theater, New York City
06.29.76 The Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, Illinois
ca. Early 1977 Side Two Of 'TERRAPIN STATION'
02.26.77 The Swing Auditorium, San Bernadino, California
05.05.77 New Haven Coliseum, New Haven, Connecticut
05.07.77 Boston Gardens, Boston, Massachusetts
05.08.77 Barton Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
05.09.77 War Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, New York
09.29.77 The Paramount Theater, Seattle, Washington
10.02.77 The Paramount Theater, Portland, Oregon
10.28.77 Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall, Kansas City, Missouri
10.29.77 Field House, Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, Illinois
10.30.77 Assembly Hall, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
11.01.77 Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan
11.05.77 War Memorial, Rochester, New York (End Of Show)
11.06.77 Broome County Arena, Binghamton, New York
04.07.78 Hollywood Sportatorium, Hollywood, Florida
04.10.78 The Fox Theater, Atlanta, Georgia
04.11.78 The Fox Theater, Atlanta, Georgia
04.12.78 Cameroon Indoor Stadium, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina
04.14.78 Coliseum, Virginia Polytechnic, Blacksburg, Virginia
04.15.78 William And Mary College, Williamsburg, Virginia
07.07.78 Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison, Colorado
07.08.78 Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison, Colorado
10.18.78 Winterland, San Francisco, California ("From Egypt With Love")
04.22.79 Spartan Stadium, San Jose, California

Batch Two Betty Boards

10/19/1971 Northrup First Keith Show
11/15/1971 Austin Road Trips 3:2
11/17/1971 NM
12/4/1971 Felt Please Release Soon
12/6/1971 Felt Please Release Soon
12/7/1971 Felt Please Release Soon
12/10/1971 St Louis Please Release Soon
3/21/1972 Academy Dave's Pick Bonus 2015
3/22/1972 Academy 5 songs Rockin Rhein Bonus
3/23/1972 Academy 1 song Rockin Rhein Bonus
3/25/1972 Academy Dicks Picks 30; 8 songs
3/26/1972 Academy Dave's Pick 14
3/27/1972 Academy 6 songs Dicks 30; 2015 Bonus
3/28/1972 Academy Dicks Picks 30
4/8/1972 Europe Europe 72 Complete
4/11/1972 Europe Europe 72 Complete
4/14/1972 Europe Europe 72 Complete
4/17/1972 Europe Europe 72 Complete
4/17/1972 Europe Europe 72 Complete
5/3/1972 Europe Europe 72 Complete
5/7/1972 Europe Europe 72 Complete
5/25/1972 Europe Europe 72 Complete
7/2/1972 Filmore West
3/15/1973 Nassau
3/30/1973 Rochester
3/31/1973 Buffalo
4/2/1973 Boston Please Release Soon
6/17/1976 Capitol
6/18/1976 Capitol Download Series 4
6/19/1976 Capitol Listen to Chat b4 Jam
6/21/1976 Philly
6/22/1976 Philly
6/26/1976 Chicago
6/28/1976 Chicago 1 song Download Series 4

This is the list of Betty boards that were scheduled to be redistributed 
under the What's Become of The Betty Boards moniker. The purpose was to 
get them back into circulation with known lineages. They DAT masters 
were to be made from the first generation PCMs, and in most cases decoding 
any Dolby NR.

Grateful Dead
02.18.71 Portchester, NY, whole show, Dolby A decoded
02.19.71 Portchester, NY, whole show, Dolby A *not* decoded
02.20.71 Portchester, NY, whole show, Dolby A decoded
02.21.71 Portchester, NY, whole show, Dolby A decoded
02.23.71 Portchester, NY, whole show, Dolby A decoded
02.24.71 Portchester, NY, whole show, Dolby A decoded
04.05.71 Manhatten Center, whole show, Dolby A decoded
04.06.71 Manhatten Center, whole show, Dolby A decoded
04.07.71 Boston Music Hall, whole show, Dolby A *not* decoded
04.08.71 Boston Music Hall, whole show, Dolby A decoded
12.14.71 Ann Arbor, MI, whole show
05.04.72 Paris, Fr, 1st set only
05.07.72 Bickershaw Festival, Other One to end of show
08.21.72 Berkeley, CA, 2nd set only
08.22.72 Berkeley, CA, 2nd set only
08.25.72 Berkeley, CA, 1st 45 minutes only
08.27.72 Veneta, OR, beginning of show through most of Dark Star
03.16.73 Nassau Coliseum, 1st set through middle of Playing, beg. of Dew to end
03.21.73 Utica, NY, whole show, water damage on tapes causes some distortion
03.22.73 Utica, NY, 1st set plus very end of Other One to end
03.24.73 Philadelphia, PA, Bobby McGee to end of show
03.28.73 Springfield, MA, WRS Prelude to end of show
05.26.73 Kezar Stadium, whole show
06.22.73 Vancouver, BC, beg. of show through most of Other One
08.00.73 Wake of the Flood outtakes
06.10.76 Boston Music Hall, whole show
06.11.76 Boston Music Hall, whole show
06.14.76 Beacon Theater, whole show
06.15.76 Beacon Theater, whole show
various parts of the above four shows, intercuts
06.29.76 Chicago, Ill, whole show
02.26.77 San Bernadino, CA, whole show, DBX type I decoded
05.05.77 New Haven, Conn, whole show, DBX type I decoded
05.07.77 Boston Gardens, whole show, DBX type I decoded
05.08.77 Ithaca,NY, whole show, DBX type I decoded
05.09.77 Buffalo, NY, whole show, DBXtype I decoded
09.28.77 Seattle, Wash, middle of Jack Straw to end of show, DBX type I decoded
09.29.77 Seattle, Wash, whole show, DBX type I decoded
10.01.77 Portland, Ore, whole show, DBX type I decoded
10.02.77 Portland, Ore, whole show, DBX type I decoded
04.06.78 Tampa, Fla, Good Lovin through end of show
04.07.78 Hollywood, Fla, whole show
04.08.78 Jacksonville, Fla, whole show
04.10.78 Atlanta, GA, whole show
04.11.78 Atlanta, GA, whole show
04.12.78 Duke University, whole show
04.14.78 Virginia Tech, whole show
04.15.78 William & Mary College, whole show
04.16.78 Huntington, WVa, whole show
07.07.78 Red Rocks, whole show
07.08.78 Red Rocks, whole show
12.31.78 Winterland, Me and My Uncle through end of show
04.22.79 San Jose, CA, middle of Estimated through middle of Around & Around
09.27.80 Warfield Theater, Acoustic set
10.04.80 Warfield Theater, Acoustic set
10.06.80 Warfield Theater, Acoustic set
10.09.80 Warfield Theater, Acoustic set, and 1st 45 min of 1st set
10.10.80 Warfield Theater, Acoustic set
10.11.80 Warfield Theater, Acoustic set
10.13.80 Warfield Theater, Acoustic set
This is a list of all known "Betty boards" as posted on Terrapin Station BBS
in Darion CT (no longer on-line).

Betty Cantor-Jackson Soundboards Non-Dead

Jerry Garcia Band
10.11.75 The Keystone, Berkeley, California (Second Set) (w/Nicky Hopkins
10.17.75 Concorde Pavilion, Concord, California (w/Nicky Hopkins)
12.17.75 The Keystone, Berkeley, California (w/Nicky Hopkins)
07.20.76 The Keystone, Berkeley, California
09.18.81 (Location Uncertain) (Rehearsal or Soundcheck) (The Jerry Garcia

Jerry Garcia
circa 1975 'REFLECTIONS' Studio Out-takes

Legion Of Mary
11.27.74 The Keystone, Berkeley, California
11.28.74 The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, California
Various 1975 From 3.22, 5.22, 6.21, & 6.22.75 Keystone (except 3.22 - locatio

03.07.79 Rancho Nicasio, San Rafael, California
03.08.79 Cotati Cabaret, Cotati, California
03.09.79 Cotati Cabaret, Cotati, California
04.08.79 Cotati Cabaret, Cotati, California
06.16.79 Keystone Palo Alto, Palo Alto, California
06.22.79 The Keystone, Berkeley, California
07.08.79 The Keystone, Berkeley, California

Garcia & Saunders
01.15.73 The Inn Of The Beginning, Cotati, California (w/Unidentified Fema
01.24.73 The Boarding House, San Francisco, California
07.10.73 The Keystone, Berkeley, California
07.11.73 The Keystone, Berkeley, California

Garcia, Saunders, &
06.04.74 The Lion's Share, San Anselmo, California (w/Unidentified Female
07.21.74 The Keystone, Berkeley, California (The Grateful Dead Played The
07.22.74 The Keystone, Berkeley, California
09.02.74 Marx Meadows, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California

Keith & Donna Band
08.20.75 The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, California

10.17.75 Concorde Pavilion, Concord, California (Also See...The Jerry Garc
Date/Location Unknown

New Riders
12.02.71 The Boston Music Hall, Boston Massachusetts
12.04.71 The Felt Forum, New York City (w/Jerry Garcia ?)
12.07.71 The Felt Forum, New York City (w/Jerry Garcia ?)
12.10.71 The Fox Theater, St. Louis, Missouri (w/Jerry Garcia ?)
12.15.71 The Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
05.26.72 The Strand Lyceum, London, England
03.08.73 Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, California
03.30.73 Community War Memorial, Rochester, New York
04.02.73 Boston Garden, Boston, Massachusetts
Date/Location Unkno(Probably 1973)

Hot Tuna
10.02.73 Winterland, San Francisco, California

Jefferson Starship
11.24.74 Winterland, San Francisco, California

Sons Of Champlin
12.03.72 Winterland, San Francisco, California

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