Saturday, October 14, 2017

Playing In the Band Sandwich Extends Into Encore At Houston October 14, 1977

Of the 112 Playing In The Band sandwiches, the only one that extended into the encore was 40 years old today in Houston, close to New Orleans, October 14, 1977.   This is the second of three nights in Texas for our favorite band. We all now of the great 1972 Playing In The Bands from November in Houston so it's no surprise that PITB surrounds this show.

There is a very strong first set with Jack Straw to Music Never Stops all sounding very great to my ears.
It appears from the review, that the Houston Daily Cougar writer only stayed for set one. Too bad as he missed this unique sequence below.

Houston Playing In The Band [16:#56] > Drums [3:35] > The Wheel [7:15] > Wharf Rat [13:49] > Around And Around [8:23] Encore Brokedown Palace [5:51] > Playing In The Band [4:13#]  (click on the show to get it).

Maybe you should have stayed with the second set John

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