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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Keep Your Trey Job: Trey Meets Jerry at Dick's Pick 6: Hartford, October 14, 1983: City Welcomes Shakedown Vending

Hartford in 1983 was a city where Trey first saw the Dead, the show was given Dick's Picks 6 status, the City welcomed with open arms a vending Shakedown Street experience and the local ticket brokers offered to find you Dead tickets from anywhere in the USA. 

What a City. What a Country. What a World in 1983 up in Hartford, CT

This is the first Dick's Picks of the 1980's with the Core Four Block of Scarlet Fire Estimated Eyes right up there in your spine. Thanks Phil.

It wasn't just Trey first show but Mike says it's his favorite ever.   So interesting to me since there isn't all that much from 1983 I would consider at the top of my Dead concert lists, although I loved seeing Greek and Marin County shows that year.

Mind Wondrin  says this show has the best Day Job of 1983. I have never heard these ranked before.

From As always, this is from the original, raw two-track tape, straight off the soundboard. In this case, the resident technical wizards had to work overtime, because for the first time they were working with a cassette tape rather than the customary reel to reel master. But, being wizards, they've beautifully captured the ragged-but-right essence of things and dragged it kicking and screaming into the digital domain. Among the highlights here are stellar performances of "Althea," "Scarlet Begonias> Fire On The Mountain," "Eyes Of The World," "Sugar Magnolia" and plenty more, including the first-ever recorded release of the long-lost Hunter/Garcia gem "Day Job," and the sinuous, exotic-sounding "Spinach Jam".

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