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Friday, June 1, 2018

Forget PB & J, Try The History Of The Six Tasty First-Set Playin' In the Band Sandwiches, 1974-1977

It's not always The 11 in the Grateful Dead lexicon, sometimes it's 7 (come 11), this time is only six, this must be Heaven, two nights per year for three different years:

Due to the magic of audio recordings and now the internet, I present you with:

Here's the History of the & Playin in the Band First Set Sandwiches (with audio of course)

The First Version
The Longest Version
The Spacey est Version
The Dizziest Version
The Last Enhanced Version
and the Whistle Is Screaming Enhanced Version
Oh, and as any afterthought  The Reverse Version

Professor, Historian and awesome Dude David Malvinni writes this about Dead sandwiches (but his books!):

In Carol Brightman's book Sweet Chaos, she has a nice Mickey quote about transitions too:

You can also look at my historical piece from October 2015 on all PITB from sandwiches

6-30-74 Springfield  
Playing In The Band [19:07] > Uncle John's Band [8:54] > Playing In The Band [6:07]

8-6-74 Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City
Playing In The Band [22:52] > Scarlet Begonias [8:04] > Playing In The Band [5:43]
Also the last East Coast Scarlet for almost two years until my first show June 9, 1976

7-14-76, Orpheum, SF

Playing In The Band [10:45] > Drums [3:26] > The Wheel [6:13] > Space Jam [13:55] (1) > Playing In The Band Reprise [2:28]

9-24-76, College of William & Mary

Playing In The Band [11:44] (1) > Supplication [3:56] > Playing In The Band Reprise [5:26]

2-26-1977, Swing, San Bernardino
 Playing In The Band [14:46] > The Wheel [4:42] > Playing In The Band [4:46]

3-19-77, Winterland, SF
Terrapin Station [10:20] > Playing In The Band [12:32] > Samson And Delilah [7:08] > Playing In The Band [11:18]

Thanks to Deadlists for the timings

For good measure there was also the Reverse Version:
6-8-80, Boulder
Uncle John's Band [9:17] > Playing In The Band [9:12] > Uncle John's Band [1:55

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