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Saturday, June 23, 2018

11 Shows That I Like After 1995

Accent the positive.  I read a book lately and recalled some pretty remarkable shows after the Grateful Dead ended 23 years ago in 1995. I talked to my friend Juliet who goes to about 6 shows every tour every band and she had a Completely Different List.  So I realized that if I asked 100 Deadheads about ten shows they liked in the last 20 years, they would all have dfferent lists too.
So in order to not drive myself crazy, I stuck with my list, which you get here if you so desire. There are almost ten bands in the last 20 years and I'm not trying to say these are the "Best" show by all these bands. They are just shows I happen to like.

I choose 11 since my amp goes to 11 and for Phil who I love.

I want to highlight the Gary Lambert and David Gans Broken Angels band with Phil in 1998 which started this all and give it major props.

This bring you to my 11 Shows That I Like After 1995. I saw 3 of the 11, 2001, 2009, and 2015.

Try to listen to the great WXRT in Chicago shows, which gives you great versions of the 1982 and 2015 shows (also put on thr radio Chi-town shows in 1976, 1977 and 1987.

Eleven excellent shows I liked after 1995

You all know most of these so i will let you discovered them on your own from my dropbox link so I'll only make a few comments on each.

Here they are:

1. 1999-04-16  Phil & Phriends   Warfield
Phil invites two dudes from Phish (a band I have never seen) and they do some remarkable stuff during a three night run.  This show includes Help>Slip>Franklin, Pink Floyd, Alligator and then there' s set two :)

2. 2001-12-31  Phil & Friends, Ratdog   Oakland Auditorium (Kaiser)
I was lucky to see this show

Ratdog has DJ Logic, Phil played a Viola Midnight Hour set, and then the core four comeout in a surprise

Crusader Rabbit (P&F with Weir, Hart, Kreutzmann): Not Fade Away> Truckin'> Playin' in the Band> Space> Playin' Reprise> The Wheel> Uncle John's tease> ^Sugar Magnolia 
^no Warren until middle of song

After 2am The Q play another set with Derek Trucks added

3. 2002-08-03  The Other Ones  Deer Creek

The Core Four Play A Hugely Promoted Show with a great WXRT recording
opens with an instrumental He's Gone>That's It for the Other One

4. 2007-07-24  Ratdog  Red Rocks

Bobby has been cooking with Ratdog forever, and this is a good example of a great performance at a great house of the Dead

5. 2007-09-29  Phil & Friends, Red Rocks

Another classic Phil performance,also at Red Rocks in 2007

Set two is

01. Intro / Tuning
02. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
03. Cryptical Envelopment >
04. The Other One>
05. Dark Star (v1)>
06. Mountains of the Moon >
07. Dark Star (v2)>
08. China Cat Sunflower >
09. I Know You Rider

6. 2009-05-09  The Dead, Forum LA

I saw this show and I paid $500 to sit in row two center with my pal Evan.  I think I paid $500 for all the tickets combined for 80 shows I saw with the Grateful Dead from 1976 to 1994.
This was fun being so close and an entirely different experience from almost all other shows

The Dead played 2 second sets this night, the first a weaved through Viola Lee Blues and second set was a Dark Star affair.

7. 2010-11-20   Further, Madison Square Garden

Obviously, I could just put 11 Further shows in this list, but here's are two that are cool.  You can watch this one below.   You get Help>Slip open, a full Terrapin Suite and then in set two

The Mountain Song
Dark Star
The Other One
St Stephen
The Eleven
Death Don't Have No Mercy
Franklin's Tower

8. 2013-09-22   Further, Red Rocks

Back at Red Rocks, further gets Branford for the night which you can also watch.

Set two is also wild
01 tuning
02 Weather Report Suite >
03 Eyes Of the World >
04 Dark Star (verse 2) >
05 The Other One >
06 Morning Dew >
07 Help On the Way >
08 Slipknot! >
09 Franklin's Tower

9. 2015-07-03   Fare Thee Well, Soldier's Field

I saw the three Chicago shows and this was my favorite
19 Grateful Dead songs and no covers

I wrote about it here:

10. 2016-07-15   Dead & Company, Fenway Park

These are two grate shows of 100 so far, I'm sure you all can tell me 20 you like better

01 Jam >
02 Jack Straw >
03 The Music Never Stopped*
04 Next Time You See Me
05 Loser*
06 Peggy-O
07 Help On the Way* >
08 Slipknot! >
09 Franklin’s Tower*

Set Two:

01 St. Stephen >
02 Dark Star>
03 Terrapin Station*>
04 Drums > Space >
05 Terrapin Jam >
06 Morning Dew >
07 Casey Jones*
08 Encore Crowd
09 Black Muddy River
10 U.S Blues *

11. 2017-12-02   Dead & Company, Austin

This is actually my favorite Dead & Company show

China Cat Sunflower >
I Know You Rider >
Dark Star >
The Other One >
Drums >
Space >
Uncle John’s Band >
St. Stephen >
Morning Dew

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