Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Sounds From the Short Split Dancin Era, Indianapolis October 1, 1976

The Tunes from the Show

Indianapolis was always a popular place for the Dead with nearly 10,000 paid to see them on October 1, 1976.  Indy missed them obviously with no show in 1974 in 1975 after the early Playin' in the Band sandwich on October 27, 1973.  Lucky Fall 1976 was hot just like Fall 1973.

10/1 also had an excellent Scarlet and Promise Land to end the first set as well as truly long slipknot in the middle of Help on the Way and Franklin's Tower in set two.

I love all rare split Dead tunes and tonight we get Dancin in the Street>short drums The Wheel)> rare Ship of Fools late set slowdown>Dancin in the Street> Goin Down the Road>Saturday Night.  This was the very first Dancin' split of four, all which occur during the next two weeks.

Just a fun excellent show in the middle of of a bunch of fun excellent shows Sept and Oct 1976.
Here are all the Dancin sandwiches

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