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Monday, October 14, 2019

Early Utah Dead: A Color TV in Every Room, September 26, 1970: Two New Songs Played at the Gig Discovered

This show in Salt Lake City in 1970 was the second ever Dead performance in Utah (of 9) and there is no tape of the show known.  

Before today, there were certain songs that were known to have been played.This information according to DeadBase IX, which lists [acoustic] I Know You Rider; Ripple; Candyman; Friend Of The Devil; [electric] Big Boss Man; Uncle John > Casey Jones; Morning Dew. There is no SBD of this show in the vault.

But thanks to the recent addition of some 1970 Salt Lake Tribune newspapers, we have two new songs
Here are some new songs: Not Fade Away and Dancin in the Streets never before reported.

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