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Friday, October 25, 2019

The Kathy Tapes: Amazing Crisp Taper Kathy Sublette Explodes Her 1977-1979 FOB East Coast Masters on the Scene

So out of left field, Charlie Miller asks have you heard the Kathy Sublette tapes?

I'm trying to gain more knowledge, but it appears Kathy taped a whole bunch of shows front of the board on the East Coast (at least) in the 1978-1979 period, some classics shows I attended like Springfield .Mescaline show May 11, 1978 and Miracle>Shakedown special on January 15, 1979.  I'm just starting to listen to these and I heard William & Mary, the only Morning Dew of 1978 is top shelf, crisp, crispy and awesome. More to come. At least one in April 1978 is the only audience  that has come to light of that show (check grid below) Note I'm adding shows as they are released

I'll come back when I have more to share but for now she can grab all of her FLACs so far here
If you want the bigger 2496 versions try lossless legs. They may have open enrollment.

The tapes up so far
5-25-77 Richmond
4-8-78 Last Train to Jacksonvile
4-14-78 Virginia Poly (first known Aud)
4-15-78 William & Mary
4-16-78 Huntington
5-11-78 Springfield
1-15-79 Springfield

EDIT Added 10-27-79 and after   I saw all of these plus the two Springfield above
5-8-79 Penn State
5-9-79 Broome County
9-2-79 Augusta
9-6-80 Lewiston

I'm pretty sure Charlie and team has a bunch more

Here is a list of most or all of team working this. Let me know if I left you out.


Fate Music said...

Any Jerry?

Grateful Seconds said...

I know she did Lewiston, should know more in a few

EVG said...

Thank you so much for the background info on Kathy S. These tapes are real treasures. Takes you right back to the shows...FOB no less! Hopefully more to come. EVG

Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah... these Masters are sounding pretty darn sweet.
Look forward to new ones everyday!

Thanks for the pic as well... to put a face with the 40 yr treasures.

Grateful Seconds said...

I found that just by google

Grateful Seconds said...

3-12-78 jgmf

Pam Sublette Orlosky said...

That's not a picture of the Kathy Sublette who recorded those tapes. I should know, I'm Kathy's sister.

Grateful Seconds said...

Pam: As soon as I learned that, I removed that. By the way, your sister is awesome. David

David Minches said...

Pam, I have a question for Kathy about her JGB recording on 4/3/76. I am curious if she recorded the show with Scott Jones and/if one of them patched out of the other. Both recordings are identical (based on crowd noise and chatter).