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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Even So, Ever So Rob Wasserman Was The Bomb

E  V  E  N  S  O. Very sad week at Grateful Seconds with the Death of Rob Wasserman. I didn't know Rob, but Michael's brother Adam was his neighbor and friend in LA.

"Bury Me Standing"
"Lucky Enough"
"Ashes and Glass"
"Welcome to the World"
"Two Djinn"

"October Queen" >"The Deep End" > "Even So" It's here. Hear it now after listening to JM rip it 

I never saw Rob, but after the death of Jerry in 1995, it took me a while to heal. And Evening Moods
was the music that healed me. And lead me to Phil and Friends and Ratdog Shows. And The Other Ones and The Dead. And Fare Thee Well and Dead and Company. It was Bobby and Rob that did that. And it was Even So that did that too. RIP, Rob Wasserman. The best Dead musician I never saw.
My first Ratdog show was the first show after Rob left (in San Diego with Rob Barraco on Bass, really) RIP

Can Make His Instrument Siung Like Few Others

Even So

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