Asked to describe the Grateful Dead's music, Garcia is reported to have quipped, “We were great for seconds on end.” (stolen from Cubensis site)

Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Grateful Dead Go From Bad to Brilliant in LA in 1968

At first, apparently, the Dead sucked in LA.

But by a series of four shows at the Shrine by May of 1968 , they were outright brilliant (at least Jerry).  At least, according to the mainstream media, namely the LA Times.

August 26, 1968 review of Two From the Vault

The band didn't always get these type of reviews as you can see from some 1966-1967 comments from the Times.

Here's a bad review from the Grateful Dead's first appearance at the Hollywood Bowl September 15, 1967.  Wow,  the article speaks to 200 people in an 18,000 eat venue.

December 13-14, 1968 in Torrance

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