Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Staci's New Cool Strangers Stopping Strangers Podcast

Nice to meet Staci at strangersstoppingstrangers.com and @staci_SSS

She created this very interesting podcast where she plays Dead and interviews all fans like me.
I was on Show #6.  Here are links to all her shows. Give her a try, she's a total Dead Head.

Show 1     http://www.strangersstoppingstrangers.com/

Show 2    http://www.strangersstoppingstrangers.com/sample-podcast-title/

Show 3    http://www.strangersstoppingstrangers.com/3-conversation-with-doug-levallee/

Show 4    http://www.strangersstoppingstrangers.com/4-conversation-with-sam-seas/

Show 5:  http://www.strangersstoppingstrangers.com/5-conversation-with-jeff-hoffman/

Show 6    http://www.strangersstoppingstrangers.com/6-conversation-with-david-davis/

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