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Friday, July 8, 2016

When Did John Mayer Become a God?

In seven days God created the world. 

Over the last seven days John Mayer became a God. 

How did this happen? What the fuck?

Look at your body is a wonderful guy over >>>>>>

And look at the hip cool dude 

down below

God and Bob Weir in Tennessee
On July 3 last year I saw Fare Thee Well play the perfect post Grateful Dead show.  It was the absolute perfect post-Jerry show 19 songs, all Grateful Dead Originals in a carefully crafted set list beautifully played. I thought this was the end.

I've been listening to these Dead and Company shows over the last couple weeks and what the heck happened? I was fortunate to win a free ticket to the Madison Square Garden show last November 7 which was fine and showed me that John Mayer was an excellent guitar player, hey surprisingly excellent guitar player.

Listening to these webcasts the past week I don't know what happen. John Mayer  is up there with Jerry Garcia and Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix who knew who knew? And his voice is perfect for so many Jerry songs. 

In honor of John Mayor becoming God I give you seven eight selections (yes I added the Wheel from hartford Juliet) you pick I'll play one but pick the one you want to hear and listen.

Sugaree  May 23, 2016
West LA Fadeaway  June 20, 2016
Bird Song June 23, 2016
Shakedown Street June 25, 2016
St Stephen    June 25, 2016
The Wheel June 28, 2016 for Mrs Barr
Stella Blue July 2, 2016
Even So  July 2, 2016

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