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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Fire, Fire In the Motel: De Kalb, IL October 29, 1977

There was no Scarlet>Fire in De Kalb 1977, but that didn't stop Keith and Donna from trying to recreate Fire early the next morning.

I loved the three upstate New York shows I saw in November 1977, but others swear by the October shows like De Kalb.  In Deadbase 11/50, 10-29-77 is the third highest rated Fall 77 show after Binghampton 11-6 and Seattle  Portland (thx Warp Rat) 10-2 (with the 13 minute opener of Casey Jones)

This was a very strong show with a very great 2008 Charlie Miller upgrade.  The first review of Charlie's version by grendelschoice says simply "Best Show Ever,,,Yep. Uh-huh. This is It".

We all will love the Might As Well, Straw, Let It Grow (playing now), and of course set two with the St Stephen (hear all here)

I assume the show eneded around midnight, but apparently the Godchaux's couldn't sleep as shown in the article below with something about lighting matches and fire at $400 in damages at 6am.  Fun stuff that I never knew.

“I understand it’s a matter of utmost importance,” Regent Chairman David Murray said. “But the fee, $30,000 plus 80 percent of the ticket receipts, is enough to make a regent flinch.”

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