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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Just A Little Nervous At Penn State: On Spring Tour in 1979

A lot of people have been nervous at Penn state, as were we when we rolled on May 8, 1979 for show #5 in 6 days.

The beginning:

Promised, They Love, Mama> Mexicali, Brown Eyed, All Over Now, Row , El Paso, Stagger Lee

The middle (pure late-1970's gold):

Lazy Lightning-> Supplication-> Deal , Scarlet Begonias-> Fire, Samson & Delilah, 

The Jam (with John Cippolina out of the blue):

Terrapin Station-> Playin' > Drums-> The Other One-> China Doll-> Playin'> Good Lovin', 

E: Shakedown Street (nice choice!)   It's all here kids   

From Pittsburgh Press, May 10, 1979
Various Spring 1979 Popular Culture References of the Dead

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