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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Another Day, Another Ten: Uncirculated Boards Parade Continues with Three Bettys from 72-73

I'll correct this later but it looks like 10 more unicirculated Grateful Dead recordings from the golden era of 1972-1973 added to this weeks stash bringing the total to more than 40.  The first three are batch two Betty Boards (two more from the Academy, 3-25, 3-26-72 (see prior piece for the first three nights, and one more from Europe 4-17-72, Copenhagen).

The others include
9-10-72 Hollywood Palladium
9-26-72 Stanley Theater
9-28-72 Stanley Theater
7-28-73 Watkins Glen
9-11-73 William and Mary
10-25-73 Madison, Wisconsin
and 11-1-73Northwestern U   Dew>PITB>UJB>PITB

Jerry Week 320 Mps
Wow. More to come when I can absorb this, but for now you can grab these here.  (loading 8/6)

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