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Monday, August 29, 2016

Sitting: A Rare Second-Set Jam Vehicle 1969 & 1971

I really love Sitting On Top Of The World.  The Dead played it a number of times between 1966 and 1972, but where it shined was as a second set jam highlight, which only occured a handful of times.

I recall when first hearing several Fall 1971 shows during Keith's first tour, the bliss that I felt out of the shows in New York, St Louis and Chicago when Sitting On Top Of The World magically appeared out of Dark Star and The Other One in somewhat similar space to the Cowboy Spot of the era (hmmm, another topic to explore soon).  

I just for the first time heard the China Cat>Sitting which you can hear at the top of the page.

Here's the songs

Second Set Sitting Jam Pieces

Fillmore West, June 5, 1969
[1:15:12] ; China Cat Sunflower [2:44] > Jam [1:47] > Sittin On Top Of The World [3:29] > Dark Star [21:11] > St. Stephen [5:53] > The Eleven [12:56] > Turn On Your Love Light [26:40]

Thelma Theater, December 11, 1969
Next Time You See Me [4:44] > Sittin In Top Of The World [3:27]

Chicago, October 21, 1971 (Keith's second show)
Dark Star (1) [15:09] > Sittin' On Top Of The World [3:16] > Dark Star [2:03] > Me And Bobby McGee [5:56]

New York Felt Forum, December 5, 1971
 Dark Star Jam [8:27] > Me And My Uncle [2:31] > Dark Star Jam [12:23] > Sittin' On Top Of The World [4:16]

St Louis Fox, December 10. 1971
Truckin' [7:59] > Drums [3:26] > The Other One [13:35] > Sittin' On Top Of The World [2:53] > The Other One [6:02] > Not Fade Away [6:01] > Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad [6:18] > Not Fade Away [1:00#]

There were four standalone versions of Sitting in 1972, one at the Academy of Music, followed by 5-18 in Munich and 5-23 and 5-25 in London.  Interesting that both 5-18 and 5-23 were Dark Star>Morning Dew shows.  Then it disappeared

A later attempt, circa 1989 to bring Sitting back into the rotation

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