Wednesday, August 24, 2016

John Barlow, Please Correct Choate to Andover

My very first popular post on this blog was my sneaking out of an Andover dorm to see the Grateful Dead piece 18 months ago:
I know my student body president Ed Hill was doing the same thing as well as Lundy, Saint Stephen Clinkenbeard , Grey and so many others.

My pal Roger Selverstone pointed to me today this interview  from the St Paul school alumni magazine with John Perry Barlow, where Barlow, gasp, confuses Andover with Choate

Good thing, my pal Ed Hill is on the case.  Yes, we love Barlow and we are so happy he is doing better. But Andover is the King of Prep School Deadhead  and must always remain this way.  Everyone I know who actually knows Barlow, like my brother Ralph, Ed Hill, Liza's friend from prep school who worked at his ranch, and the rest give you a pass John, but school spirit makes me write this.  I know its in a St Paul pub, but make the correction. :)

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