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Friday, August 5, 2016

New York Got The Ways And Means: From Betty Batch #2, First Three Nights At the Academy, March 1972

We got ourselves some Betty Boards from 1972 :)

The New York Times, March 23, 1972

Thanks to Jason McElweenie for steering me to this

The pre-Europe '72 taped from Betty Boards batch two consisted of:

Batch Two Betty Boards   (see

10/19/1971NorthrupFirst Keith Show
11/15/1971AustinRoad Trips 3:2
12/4/1971FeltPlease Release Soon
12/6/1971FeltPlease Release Soon
12/7/1971FeltPlease Release Soon
12/10/1971St LouisPlease Release Soon
3/21/1972AcademyDave's Pick Bonus 2015
3/22/1972Academy5 songs Rockin Rhein Bonus
3/23/1972Academy1 song Rockin Rhein Bonus
3/25/1972AcademyDicks Picks 30; 8 songs
3/26/1972AcademyDave's Pick 14
3/27/1972Academy6 songs Dicks 30; 2015 Bonus
3/28/1972AcademyDicks Picks 30

Since when it rains, it pours, last night and today on August 5, we have the first three of the Academy 1972 shows. I dream that we will get more today or tomorrow.

Note there is a Charlie Miller from 3/27 from May that is also a "48". From same batch?

Thank You greendude and all of your friends.

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