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Sunday, August 6, 2017

My First Soundboard Tape: 1976-08-04 Roosevelt Stadium

So I placed this ad below in Dead Relix in January 1977 and low and behold, one day I got a tape trade that gave me Roosevelt August 4, 1976.   Now I had attended two shows in Boston in June and Hartford on August 2, but as late as early 1977, I knew nothing of the show or setlist from Roosevelt.
In Fact with the exception of New Years 1976, it was a long time before I knew any information from Roosevelt, or the entire Fall tour or February/March in California.  That was the way of the world in early 1977.

I started up the tape below #76 and immediately realized that in exchange for some mediorce audience tape in my meager collection, i got a Golden Ticket in the form if a clear soundboard of this show.  And not any show, but this powerhouse Roosevelt show.   This show drew 30,289 for $227,457 in ticket sales according to Billboard which was only the 7th biggest concert in the US that week behind Elton John in Buffalo (51,856), ZZ Top/Blue Oyster Cult/Edgar and Johnny Winter in Anaheim (49,169), the Eagles in Seattle, Oakland, and Denver (48,843, 45,783 and 41,184) and Jethro Tull at Arrowhead in Kansas City (41,184).  The Dead at Colt Park on 8-2 drew 20,900.

The definitive 1976 Sugaree (remember I didnt know about the Fall), The Music Never Stopped, one of the last best standalone Scarlets.  Then there was set two.

For years and years, I thought I went to the wrong show by going to Colt Park inside off Roosevelt.  But despite  no amazing board tape and video ever showing up for Hartford, I learned to really appreciate 8-2-76 more over time.  David, can you pull out the Vault copy now please. :)

But of course set two of Roosevelt is super special and just exactly perfect.  A 1976 Help medley followed by a 1976 Dancin' and a perfect Wheel.  Another New Jersey Not Fade Away sets the final jam (like I would see the following year at Englishtown) and perhaps my favorite Ship of Fools.
Rescheduled from July 2

Jim Anderson's Awesome Photos

As usual, enjoy download  and listen or listen above.

Fake News, Grateful Dead 1976 Edition


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