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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dave's Picks 17: Berkeley Greek? UPDATE: IT"S NOT

UPDATE 11/3/2015

Apparently, the Deadhead below thought he saw 7-14-1984 and actually saw 7-19-1974.  Or he was just a prankster

The more than rumor is that Dave's Picks 17 in January will be a 1984 Berkeley Greek Theater Show.
It was nice to see 1968 Greek in the 30 trips set, but the 27 shows between 1981-1989, plus the 29 other Berkeley shows (mainly at Berkeley High School) offer a great opportunity to celebrate the East Bay Dead Experience.  Even if the rumor is not true (supposedly there was a banner on for a moment that said it was), this is a treasure trove for future Greek run set(s).

If so, I take some credit.


Me to Vault:

Thanks for your great releases. I suggested a few weeks ago on The Golden Road that you might want to consider a Berkeley show for an official release sometime.  Just thought since no GD Berkeley show has ever been released.  The BCT and Greek experience was seminal in my career from 1975-1994  Dave Davis
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to me
Thanks for the note and suggestion. I don;t hear the Golden Road, so didn't know about your request.



I also suggested to David Gans Gary Lambert and to Bruce Hornsby on January 25 on Tales that the Dead release a Berkeley show
I start at 14:59 of this:


Here are some fun recording of the 1981 shows.

7-19-74  US Blues

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