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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

One More Halloween Night, Dead Shows on All Hallow's Eve

I love seeing the Dead on Halloween. I went twice in 1983 and 1984.  There were 13 in all, not including the JGBs. There really was a one more halloween night, it's true, ask Rick Sullivan.

Vintage Halloween Era
  1. 10-31-1966  California Hall  Acid test Jam
  2. 10-31-1967  Winterland  Alligator, Caution, That's It
  3. 10-31-1968  Deadlists says Jerry Garcia & Friends at the Matrix 
  4. 10-31-1969 San Jose State University Includes First Yellow Dog Story on Halloween, but No Alligator
  5. 10-31-1970 Stony Brook 43 Songs by the Dead and New Riders
  6. 10-31-1971 Columbus, Ohio  Just Buy Dick's Picks 1: Nothing Else to Say
Hey Brent Joined, Let's Play Halloween Again Era

Ok, Dave You Can Go Twice Era Thanks to Craig MacLean and Rick Sullivan

  1. 10-31-1983 Marin  Here's My Blog Post  and Flac
  2. 10-31-1984 Berkeley One More Halloween Night
Later Era  (1986 and 1987 were JGB in Oakland and NYC)

  1. 10-31-1985 Columbia, SC  South Carolina? Halloween?
  2. 10-31-1990 London  Werewolves of, London of course
  3. 10-31-1991 Oakland  Anyone Get thisTicket in their 30 trips Box?

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