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Friday, December 25, 2015

A Hero Named Voodoonola

Grateful Dead video fans have a hero and his name is Voodoonola. Merry Christmas Voodoo.
Here is a link to his Youtube page  (as check Voodoonola2).

When I was a young Deadhead, the first shows I noticed a video feed were the year-end shows at the Oakland Auditorium.  Saw the feed while grabbing a beer during the front of the building to the top on the right in the balcony as looking toward the stage.  Never saw them again. Until the last few years.

Voodoonola has so many videos I can't count that high.  Some of his have been removed (mainly due to the Bill Graham Productions issues, but BCP tend to put them back up on youtube.

One of my new favorites is Duke 1978. Check It out. And say a big Christmas thanks to a Grateful Dead fan's hero. This is the Voodoo New Orleans version from 11-8-1970, a rare treat indeed

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