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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Grateful Dead Artifacts from my Attic: Part 1 1976-1981

Today I looked in my attic and found these:
Pink Section December 1978; gift of Harriet King

From The Village Voice, August 1978, rats No Waylon

Debut Issue of In Concert Magazine with Awesome Photo from Giant's Stadium 9-2-78 with contributing photos by Bobby Minkin 

Dead Relix In-Progress Spring 1977 Schedule with My Notes, what happened to the Big May 30, 1977 show in New York??

My Summer 1979 newspaper requests for California Shows

Dead Relix review of Spring 1977 Tour, I met Jerry Moore at the April 30, 1977 show at the Palladium which he loves in this article

My Copy of Issue One
1976 Delivery of Dead Relix

Pink Section 1981 Ad for New Years

May 22 1981 Acoustic benefit

Berkeley Food Flyer Greek 1981

Politic Flyer 1981 (I Think) Berkeley

More Interesting Berkeley Flyer

Blair and David Interview Jerry 1981

Blair and David Interview Jerry 1981, Note Date

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