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Friday, May 20, 2016

The Music Never Stopped: Second Set Sightings And Other Rarities

In the history of the world, there were 234 times that The Music Never Stopped. And we all remember right that this happened right as the first set was ending and we needed a Bob Weir "Thank You" and a "short break"

In fact, after 1977, 159 times out of 173 versions of The Music Never Stopped closed the first set, including the 22 times Music linked into Don't Ease Me In, Might As Well and Deal.

But early on in 1975-1977 and every once in a while later, we would find that rare beast, the first set opener, the unique midset placement, the split version or the second set Music Never Stopped.

Don't worry, i am adding lots of music here

The Debut of Help On The Way>Slipknot>Franklin's Tower>Music Never Stopped all pretty maidens lined up in a row
The early version appeared often early in the first set like:

September 28, 1975 (2nd)   Help>Slip, Music
June 9, 1976  (4th, 1st east Coast, my first show)  Cold Rain, Cassidy, Scarlet, Music
June 12, 1976 (6th) Samson, Row Jimmy, Music

Here are my three favorite unusual version types

13 Second Set Versions

6/11/1976 Boston  opens with Saint Stephen> Dancing In The Street > The Music Never Stopped

6/14/1976 Beacon opens with The Wheel, Samson, High Time, The Music Never Stopped

7/13/1976 Orpheum opens with The Music Never Stops

7/14/1976 Orpheum ends set with Let It Grow > Eyes Of The World > Jam > Wharf Rat > The Other One > The Music Never Stopped

9/24/1976 William and Mary , amazing show ends with  Help On The Way> Slipknot! > Drums  > Slipknot! > Franklin's Tower  > The Music Never Stopped > Stella Blue; Around And Around  

10/2/1976  Cincinnati opens with The Music Never Stops

10/15/1976 Shrine opens with Eyes of The World>The Music Never Stops, once only never repeated, playing in the background now

2/26/1977 Winterland  opens with Samson, Tennessee Jed and The Music Never Stopped

4/23/1977 (Only One I saw in Springfield) opens with Estimated Prophet, Bertha, and The Music Never Stopped

11/23/79 San Diego, opens with The Music Never Stops>Sugaree

7/5/1981 Oklahoma City opens with Samson, Don't Ease Me In, Music and Ship of Fools

3/13/1985 Berkeley High School entire second set The Music Never Stopped > Franklin's Tower > Estimated Prophet > Spoonful (1) > Drums (2) > Space (2) > Ollin Arrageed (2) > Man Smart (Woman Smarter) (2) > Black Peter (1) > Good Lovin'

6/28/1985 Hershey  The Music Never Stopped>Tom Thumb Blues

June 28, 1985

17 Open Show Versions
6/18/1976 Passaic, NJ
6/21/1976 Tower
6/23/1976 Tower
7/12/1976 Orpheum
9/30./1976 Columbus
4/30/1977 (Only One I Saw) Palladium
5/13/1977 Chicago
5/22/1977  Pembroke Pines (Dick's Picks 3)
5/26/1977  Baltimore
12/31/1977 Winterland
8/7/1982 Alpine  (Dick's Picks 32)  Music>Sugaree>Music
9/10/1983 Santa Fe, NM
10/21/1983 Worcester
3/31/1985 Portland, ME
7/16/1988 Greek, Berkeley
10/15/1988  St Petersburg, Fl  Music>Sugaree
7/2/1994 Shoreline  Music>Sugaree>Music

3 Splits
8/7/1982 Alpine  (Dick's Picks 32)  Music>Sugaree>Music
6/5/93  Giant's Stadium  Music>Easy Answers>Music to end set one
7/2/1994 Shoreline  Music>Sugaree>Music

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