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Monday, May 22, 2017

Bill Graham Presents: A Benefit for Nuclear Disarmament on May 22, 1981


This was 36 years ago today.  Hi 1981.
I just checked so this was my first concert at the Warfield (The Dead and the Jam in 1982 were next). This was actually the first time I saw the Grateful Dead perform in San Francisco proper, although the billing says:

Jerry Garcia
Bob Weir
Mickey Hart
& Friends

I paid a cool $8.50 and got to see the Dead play a second Buddy Holly tune "Oh Boy", which is a very easy song to play on the guitar that I could still pick out today (the Dave Davis Trio opened often with Baby, You're So Square, which Elvis and The Beatles both covered).

 I was hoping for The Other One after the unexpected drums out of Ripple but Oh Boy was just fine by me.

My Original Bent Copy

Other Political Poster from 1981 from a telephone Pool in Berkeley recruiting Deadheads

Deep Elem Blues
The Race Is On
Friend Of The Devil
To Lay Me Down
Monkey And The Engineer
Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie
On The Road Again
Bird Song > Ripple > Drums > Oh Boy

Corry wrote the definitive piece on this  but I figured it was fair game to write about it since it was my first Dead benefit show ever. Plus I add the tunes.

Look how similar to my December 31, 1980 acoustic set at the Oakland New Year's show I saw:

Dire Wolf   (not played 5-22-81)
On The Road Again
To Lay Me Down
Monkey And The Engineer
Jack-A-Roe  (not played 5-22-81)
I've Been All Around This World (not played 5-22-81)
The Race Is On
Bird Song > Ripple 

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