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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Dizzy Ain't The Word: Those 15 Times Supplication Wasn't Lazy (And Mostly Jammed), 1976-1995

While starting as a interesting mainly first set duo, Supplication broke the mold of Dead tunes and was become involved over time in some very interesting song transitions.  I will admit it now, I am in love with Supplication.

So I'll admit upfront, there really wasn't much difference during the 111 versions of  Lazy Lightning that the Grateful Dead played, although I am partial to the 1976 and 1977 ones like Deadbase favs Cornell, SF 7-18-76 and Dick's Picks 3.

I was able to see the 3rd of the 111 LL>S's, a rare set two on June 9, 1976 and the 111th of 111 on October 31, 1984 in Berkeley so I consider myself a bit knowledge about the two.

Supplication was another story, with some real outstanding ones including 15 versions where it moved out of the confines of the LL>S structure totally 126 total plays over its 20 year career.

The one cut was the deepest with the famous Supplication sandwich in the middle of Playin In the Band during William & Mary's second show on September 24, 1976. The only other full Supplication without Lazy will occur 17 years later. A few tunes

9-24-76 Playin>Supplication>Playin
about the 20th time Supplication is played:

SO Dizzy, The Well-Informed Report in VA misses the Supplication sandwich on 9-24. Does Keith's piano in Supplication sound like Charles Ives to you?  Maybe.

Four years later and the only other lone one during the Lazy Lightning>Supplication era

The Invention of the Supplication Jam
09-04-80  Providence Set 2 Supplication Jam>Estimated>Eyes, and the only one seen with Grateful Seconds own eyes two days before Lewiston.

After Lazy is retired by the band, Bobby can't seem to stay away from Supplication Jams

The Remorse Era, Can't Stop
03-29-85 Nassau Set 1 Supplication Jam>My Brother Esau
04-08-85 Spectrum  Set 1 Ending Tons of Steel>Supplication Jam>Might As Well
06-27-85 SPAC Set 1 Stagger>El Paso>Crazy Fingers>Supplication Jam>High Time (huh??)
11-05-85 Centrum Set 2 Supplication Jam>Playin Jam (1st ever)>Don't Need Love
11-10-85 Meadowlands Set 2 opens  Half Step>I Know You Rider>Playin>UJB>Supplication Jam>Drums
03-21-86 Hampton Set 1 ends Tons of Steel>Supplication Jam>Let It Grow
03-27-86 Portland, ME Set 1 ends Supplication Jam>The Promise Land
04-03-86 Hartford Set 1 ends Supplication Jam>Let It Grow>Don't Ease Me In
04-13-86 Irvine Set 1 ends Supplication>Let It grow

Five Year Break, They Remember How to Play It
06-24-91 Bonner Springs check out set 1  Set 2 Estimated>Supplication Jam>Uncle John's
08-14-91 Cal Expo Set 2 copycat  Set 2 Estimated>Supplication Jam>Uncle John's
05-22-93 Only Stand Alone with Lyrics  5th song in first set, only standalone with lyrics
06-21-95 Knick, only a dozen shows to the end Set 2 All Too Much>Playin>Supplication Jam>Drums>Easy Answers>final ever Morning Dew

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