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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Grateful Dead's 31 Once-Only Encores, 1971-1995

At my first show on June 9, 1976 (also known as Road Trips 4.5), the Dead brought back High Time and St Stephen and encored with Frankin's Tower.  This was the only time the band ever played Franklin's as an encore, in any form, and never played Help>Slip>Franklins either. I also saw the once only as encore Etta James versions on December 30, 1982 (which were repeated during Set 3 the next night).

This little study comes out of that show, which songs did the Dead only encore with one-time.  I see 31 given the following assumptions.  There is no full and complete list from 1965 to 1970.  1970 show setlists are even being discovered now.   I used Deadbase 11 as my database, I did not discover any new information in more current sources and will be glad to revise my list if you have better info.
Listen to some of these? Here's some of them    Here some folks favorite encores

1972-03-28 Sidewalks of New York   Last Night at Academy, Last Show before Europe 72

1973-07-28 Mountain Jam                  Watkins Glen with ABB and The Band

1974-10-20 Mississippi Half-Step       Last night at Winterland before Goin Fishing

1976-06-03 The Wheel                         First Ever, Portland
1976-06-09 Frankin's Tower                My First Show, First East Coast Show since 1974
1976-06-21 Roses                                 First Night Tower run followed by JBG
1976-07-13 Dancin' In The Street        Night Two, Orpheum Run

1977-10-14 Playin In The Band           Brokedown>Playin (reprise); only reprise into encore
1977-10-15 Truckin'                             Texas Two-Step with Playin and Truckin>OMSN encores
1977-12-27 Samson & Delilah             Famous Dick's Picks Winterland show

1978-01-11 Passenger                          at the Shrine during Jerry's voice issue California tour

1979-12-11  The Promise Land           KC sees multi encore Alabama>once-only The Promise Land

1981-11-30  Might As Well                 Dayton gets only Mack the Knife and Might as Well encore

1982-08-28  Dupree's                          Kesey 10th Anniversary gets only old-school Dupree's encore
1982-12-30  Too Hard To Handle        I watch Emma James & Boys bring back Pigpen Tune(s)
1982-12-30   Tell Mama                      I see Emma's Signature Song also played set 3 12-31-82

1983-09-10  Cold Rain & Snow          Day before Mickey turns 40; Santa Fe sees beauty

1984-06-21  New Orleans                   with The Band Kingswood Ontario nation-wide FM
1984-06-21  Big Boss Man                 with The Band Kingswood Ontario nation-wide FM
1984-07-13  Dark Star                         I skip Fri at Greek (why??); only known Dark Star encore

1985-11-21  Walkin' The Dog              middle HJ Kaiser show also opened with Big Boy Pete (cool)

1986-12-27  Push Comes to Shove      first of three at HK Kaiser

1987-11-08  Tom Thumb Blues           3rd of 3 at Kaiser see rare Phil encore

1988-04-30  China Cat>                      Special Night at Frost
1988-04-30   I Know You Rider          Frost goes into OMSN for very rare three song encore
1988-09-03   Ripple                            Only Known Make a Wish Request Fulfilled in Landover
1988-12-31   Wharf Rat                       NYE at Oak Coliseum with Clarence Clemons

1989-08-19   Foolish Heart                  Rex Benefit, local  FM Broadcast at Greek

1991-11-03   Forever Young                 Only version with Neil Young at Bill Graham memorial

1994-10-15   Want to Tell You              One of the last of 52 shows at MSG
1994-10-17    Rainy Day                       with Bob Dylan; show 50 at MSG

1995-04-02   Unbroken Chain               Memphis show

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