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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Grateful Dead's 15 Once-Only Show Openers, 1972-1995

Hey look 15 shows and I saw zero of them. This is the master list of tunes the Grateful Dead opened a show with only once; I expect there are more in the 1965-1967 era but I could not tell you precisely.

The 15 songs below are the only songs that the Dead opened with exactly one time.
Obviously, Bo Diddley was played first and best with Bo Diddley himself.  I never saw Loose Lucy as an opening song, nor did I Tennessee Jed.   Crazy Fingers and Terrapin would have been cooler in that first song slot more often. So would have Eyes.

Franklin's was a jack of all trades tune played everywhere in the show, especially at the start of its run.

Hey Bo Diddley    03-25-1972 first one
Loose Lucy           02-15-1973
Wave That Flag    02-21-1973
Crazy Fingers       06-17-1975  first one
Tennessee Jed      06-29-1976 thanks WillieParkJr for pointing out the 1973 occasion
Terrapin Station   02-26-1977  first one
Franklin's Tower  05-09-1978
Passenger             12-13-1978
Cassidy                 08-21-1983
Day Job                04-13-1984
Big Boy Pete        11-21-1985
Day Tripper          06-25-1985
Roadrunner           03-21-1986
Mighty Quinn       03-03-1987
Eyes of the World 06-17-1991
Salt Lake City       02-21-1995  first one
Here's a few of the tunes

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