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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Weather Reports, Preludes and Let It Grow

2015 had been a great year for the weather.  LA is still 90 degrees in November (nice at the time, scary for long term). But it's also been a great year for Dead fans of Weather Report Suite and Let It Grow.

First was the release of Providence as the 1978 selection in the 30 Trips Around The Sun Box Set
See my blog post from January for the amazing 1,000 second first set ending Let It Grow.

Today, I received Dave's Picks 16 from the Dead historic Springfield Civic Center from 3-28-1973
with the extremely rare show closing WRS Prelude>Dark Star>Eyes of the World>Playing in the Band. Rare stand-alone Prelude, rare full complete Playing In The Band show closer.

The first five WRS Prelude were all pre-Weather Report Suites (and never again without the full suite)

All Must Be Heard.  I think all of 1973 Should Be One Big Box Set. Please David.

    1. 11-19-1972 Houston Dark Star>WRS Prelude>Half Step
    2. 03-21-1973 Utica WRS Prelude>Dark Star>Eyes>Wharf Rat
    3. 03-26-1973 Baltimore He's Gone>Truckin>WRS Prelude>Jam>Wharf Rat>Bobby McGee>Eyes>Dew
    4. 03-28-1973 Springfield WRS Prelude>Dark Star>eyes>full Playing in the Band
    5. 04-02-1973 Here Comes Sunshine>Jam>Bobby McGee>WRS Prelude>first hint of WRS Part One!>Eyes>China Doll
    6. This is the Boston 1973 version playing now

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