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Saturday, November 21, 2015

May 2, 1987 at Frost: My Most Photogenic Dead Show

The photo you see at the top of my blog is a photo by my friend Juliet of Kirk,me and her husband Michael at the May 2, 1987 concert at Stanford University.

Bob Minkin took this

This, my 78th Grateful Dead, was the one where I was most photographed.  It was also my last traditional Dead show (with 79th with Dylan and my 80th with Branford). It was also my last Morning Dew, which you are hearing now.

This is my most photographed Grateful Dead show (maybe Englishtown has more) not only did my friends Juliet and Kirk take photos here, so did Jay Blakesberg, who put some in Between the Dark and Light and Bob Minkin in Live Dead.  Please support these artists and but their books.

By 1987, I was rarely seeing the Dead and only saw this show and the Dylan show in Oakland in July 1987. This was the year I moved from Berkeley down to LA to go to grad school at UCLA in August.

This was a very fun show with a great West LA Fadeaway, foreshadowing my move to LA and a first set closing One More Saturday Night (only one I ever saw).  A China Rider Playing Terrapin lead into drums space Truckin and the Dew.  I'll add the links. Links to Grateful Dead Archive photos of this event

Kirk Lilley Photo

I'm at the left behind the Leather Jacket dude, Michael in red; photo by Juliet
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Nancy photo Oxofrd Maine July 4 2010 of me Juliet and Michael
from Vol 3 of the Compendium

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