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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

When Phil Met Jill: February 17, 1982 Rex Benefit at the Warfield

Apparently on the night that Phil Lesh took his future bride Jill to a Dead show there was magic in the air. This was my first Rex benefit, and along with the next night, the only Grateful Dead shows I ever saw at the famed Warfield in San Francisco. Note that this was the only show I took my then-GF Vera to, she was more of an X and Ramones fan,

Our Grateful Seconds take today is just Listen to the Space.   The true Bucky below wrote in 2009 that 

Is This Reviewer Correct from Archive Link
Reviewer: The TRUE Bucky -  - July 18, 2009 
Subject: The Tiger
I have never seen it mentioned, but this is the only Dead show that I know of post 1974 in which Jerry does The Tiger (you know, that crazy thing he does in the space from '72-'74). Right at the end of the space, Jerry does a little Tiger cub & then into The Wheel they go. Good stuff.

Listen and Comment and Enjoy a Show where Phil took Jill and Dave took Vera. Charlie Miller's Flac is Here

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