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Monday, January 22, 2018

50th Anniversary of Valentine's Day at Carousel 1968-02-14; Jerry Throws Phil Down the Stairs

Here it is folks, this is the one it's all about. This is the highest regarded Dead show from Mother McCree up to the March 1 weekend at the Fillmore West (same Bat channel, differtent Bat name).
Every Dead book discusses this show with Jerry throwing Phil down the stairs high on the list.

With a Dew, School Girl and a very groovy Dark Star>China Cat Sunflower>The 11 and a second set on the radio FM dial of dedication to Cassidy, That's It for the Other One>New Potato Caboose>Born Cross-Eyed>Spanish Jam ending with Alligator>Caution>Feedback and In The Midnight Hour

Happy 50 Grateful Dead. Enjoy

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