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Friday, January 12, 2018

JFK July 7, 1989: Biggest Show of the Dead's Career to Date: Crazy Let It Grow>Blow Away in Front of 75,000 Friends

The Crimson White and Indigo show was the highest grosss Dead show of 1989

This was the biggest of the big Stadium shows in the first two weeks of July 1989 and the highest gross Dead convert in the first 25 years of the band. These may have been the first shows the Dead grossed $1 million since English town in 1977 (I'd researching the summer 1987 shows as we speak). Max Yasgur's Farm - August 16, 1969 being an exception. There are some great clippings this week and the music but don't miss the UNC Prof and the Ladies Restroom stories. Got to love Philly to three of four Spectrum crowds into one show

The Grateful Dead in these 7 dates sold 370,553 tickets out of a possible 400,000 or more than 91% of these huge stadiums seats for a total of $7.7 million in ticket sale gross. More than 50,000 fans a night and more $1.1 million per night.

Sullivan    MA    July 2     61,000 people   $21   $1,281,000  sellout
Rich          NY    July 4     46,597 people   $21    $  959,532  59,057 seats
JFK           PA     July 7     75,000 people   $21   $1,575,000   room for 90,000
Giants       NJ     July 9     57,872 people  $21   $1,207,280   sellout
Giants       NJ     July 10   57,872 people  $21   $1,207,280   sellout
RFK         DC    July 12    36,106 people  $21   $  738,759   41,000 capacity
RFK         DC    July 13    36,106 people  $21   $  738,759   41,000 capacity

I love the Blow Up at the End of Let It Grow. I first saw it on the Crimson Video DVD, and its powerful.  I also did the once-only Estimated Prophet>Standing On the Moon. It comes in the era of these once onlys:

1989-07-07              Philadelphia        Estimated>Standing on The Moon
1989-10-26              Miami                 Estimated>Blow Away
1990-03-16              Landover            Estimated>Ship Of Fools
1991-08-14              Cal Expo            Estimated>Supplication
1992-06-06              Buffalo               Estimated>The Same Thing
1992-06-28              Deer Creek         Estimated>Way To Go Home
1993-02-21              Oakland              Estimated>Samson & Delilah
1993-12-09              LA SportsArena Estimated>Wave To The Wind
12-19-93                  Oakland              Estimated>So Many Roads


JFK is the highest gross Dead show of the 1960;s, the 1970's and the 1980's, and it started getting beat out with ticket prices of the 1990's.

The Golden Road review says:


Anonymous said...

FYI: They quit taking tickets after the first few songs and opened the gates. There were far more people at this show than the official record states. You need an "*" on this show. -Best day of my life!!!

Anonymous said...

You need an "*" on the crowd size here. They quit taking tickets after the first few songs and opened the gates. Far more people than the official records. Best day of my life !!