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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

I Was A Magnet for Second-Set Tennessee Jed, 1976-1995

Sometimes when you think Tennessee Jed is just another pleasant Europe '72 era first-set Jerry tune, you get it wrong. Very wrong.

Last night I was listening to Sirius and heard a really cool matrix of the Hartford tour-end on May 28, 1977, which I attended.  After Samson in the first set, I forgot about this Tennessee before the Estimated>Playin>Terrapin etc monster that follows.  But on this night, and actually any night that Jerry is on fire, Tennessee Jed is a monster.  Take a listen to a few of these and you will see that these were the crown jewels.

So I checked and saw that from 1971-1974, the Dead played TJ 140 times and 11 were in the second set where the band typically kicks it into a higher gear.

In the last 20 Years in Grateful Dead history, there were only 7 played in the second set and I saw 3. Wow. I was a magnet for second set Tennessee Jeds, which were only played in 7 shows out of 293 versions or 2.4% of the time.  Wish I could have been a Dark Star magnet too. or The Eleven.

06-12-76  I was there! Boston  leads directly into Let It Grow>Wharf Rat>Comes A Time
06-18-76  Passiac, NJ
02-26-77 San Bernardino, recent Betty Board return, likely to get official release
05-28-77 I was there!  Hartford
10-12-77 Manor Downs
05-03-79 I was there! Charlotte  2nd Brent show my first Brent
11-16-85 Long Beach, last one and only second ever second set opener.

All are here for your listening pleasure above and here 

1971-1974  11 of 140  almost 10% of the time

10-23-71  4th Keith show played right before Sugar Mag and Comes A Time
04-26-72  Frankfurt
05-11-72  Rotterdam
07-18-72 Roosevelt Stadium, 3 Set Show
11-12-72 Kansas City, still not uncommon to play in set two
02-26-73 Lincoln, Nb.
05-13-73 Des Moines, opens set two
10-27-73 Indianapolis
02-22-74 3 Set show at Winterland
05-25-74 Santa Barbara
06-18-74  Louisville, late set 2 before Sugar Magnolia and Encore of Morning Dew


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