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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Revitalized Grateful Dead Proves They're Still The Best Live Rock and Roll Band In History: Dallas Got The Soft Machine October 15, 1977

Dallas Fuck Ya. This lesser known show Rocks the planet back in October 1977, maybe the best one of the month. In many years, it would have been the show of the year. How did they keep up playing weird and wonderful shows?  Just a few more left in the year but so many killers.

The setting is set two. After a solid Samson and Sunrise it starts. The band snakes through:

Terrapin Station>St Stephen>NFA>Stella Blue>Sugar Magnolia.

But they quite arent finished and encore with Truckin'>Saturday Night.  How far are we from the Soft Machine? Ask Phil from 1969 below.

"The second half of the program was simply overwhelming" says awesome Reporter Pete Oppel.

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