Monday, April 10, 2017

My Mom's Only Dead Show: November 13, 1978

My Mom's 80 now so I can tell this story. She went to one Dead show, this one at the Boston Music Hall and she rode to the show from Maine on the back of a motorcycle. Good one Mom. Happy Birthday Audrey! Talking to her now, she said she loved being there because she knew her kids were all there (my brother Ralph and sister Debbie too) and she liked the music.

A few years later, on September 6, 1980 my Mom gave up her nice house at 377 College Street in Lewiston, Maine so we could host a rave there. :)

See here is something interesting from my old college buddy Dov Pear from Baltimore that I just noticed on archive right this minute :)  How did my family get so many tickets as late as 1978 in a venue as small as the Boston Music Hall?  A lot of trips to Ticketmaster.  Sometimes we would have to travel from Maine to Boston just to get a Ticketmaster that would have tickets available for the show.

This show featured a nice little Playing in the Band drums Black Peter PITB sandwich.  I love my Playin sandwiches 

Just Back from Egypt

A first, just for you Mom (and Clive)

Bobby in Boston 1978

Jerry held out just a bit longer in Nov 78

Happy Birthday Mom (awhile back)

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