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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

100 Degrees in Binghamton 1979-05-09: China Rider Returns to the East Coast

Edit Om my God this new discover Kathy Sublette FOB is amazing

It was wicked hot in Binghamton on May 9, 1979 as Bob and Sam and a Girl With No Name and I finished off our six shows in seven nights tour.  These, of course, were, Brent's first six shows on the East Coast after his rehearsal show in San Jose in April. And we were waiting for it. We knew it was about to come. The return of China>Rider.  The audience tape tells it all Luckily Charlie Miller had his hand in it.  I still have my Bob Morris AUD which I dont think he uploaded as he was just starting his many year career as a taper. Thanks for driving Bob. 

After the monster Truckin in November 1977, I was very happy to see another show up in the home of Harper College.  Upstate NY Dead Heads were a breed apart. Here's some taste.

My original cassette tape reminds me that this was the first show I ever saw Phil Lesh sing. He sang on Truckin' :)

A great story revealed in 2018

Me & My Uncle
L. L. Rain
Stagger Lee
Jack Straw

China Cat> I Know You Rider
He's Gone> Truckin> Drumz
> Wharf Rat> Sugar Magnolia

Johnny B. Goode

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JMo said...

Thanks for sharing! I was born this day and hour up the road in Syracuse. It's still a record high temperature. Was trying to figure what was playing as I was born but times are probably impossible to find from back then!