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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Estimated> One Time Only

Obviously it was not going to be Eyes of The World, He's Gone, Terrapin or Drums. And wasn't even Uncle John's Band, Truckin, Foolish Heart, Scarlet, Franklin's Tower, Crazy Fingers, Dark Star, Comes A Time, Spoonful or Goin Down the Road Feeling Bad.  All were done in more than one show. But there were 13 songs that Estimated Prophet segued into one time only.

Welcome to version 3 of my series on One Times Only (after Dark Star with 24 songs and Playing In the Band with 18 songmates). I only saw the first one, at the famous To Terrapin show in 1977. It was the first time I ever saw Estimated Prophet segue into any song too and it sure freaked me and Emile out. On my setlist cheat sheet, I wrote "California>Playing In The Band"

I figured after 1977, Bobby would try Playing In The Band again, but that wasn't the case.  The Stella came in a weird show in a weird January 1978 California tour with some other unusual activity (like no Jerry singing for 2.5 shows).  The Shakedown was in during a FM broadcast during a snowstorm that causing a show cancellation the next night in New Haven.  

Third of six consecutive shows I saw in 1977 that are officially release by the band

Many of the later year versions went into either Mydland or Vince songs, or a couple of Hunter Garcia songs .

1977-05-28               Hartford            Estimated>Playing In The Band
1978-01-18               Stockton            Estimated>Stella Blue
1978-11-24               Passaic               Estimated>Shakedown Street
1980-12-14               Long Beach       Estimated>The Wheel
[eight plus year lag]
1989-02-11               LA Forum          Estimated>I Will Take You Home
1989-07-07              Philadelphia        Estimated>Standing on The Moon
1989-10-26              Miami                 Estimated>Blow Away
1990-03-16              Landover            Estimated>Ship Of Fools
1991-08-14              Cal Expo            Estimated>Supplication
1992-06-06              Buffalo               Estimated>The Same Thing
1992-06-28              Deer Creek         Estimated>Way To Go Home
1993-02-21              Oakland              Estimated>Samson & Delilah
1993-12-09              LA SportsArena Estimated>Wave To The Wind
12-19-93                  Oakland              Estimated>So Many Roads

1977-05-28               Hartford          

1978-01-18               Stockton          

1978-11-24               Passaic            
1980-12-14               Long Beach    

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