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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Europe '70: Dead Play Hollywood Music Festival, Europe Pays Attention

Jolly Old England didn't take long to learn what we knew in the States. there is nothing like a Grateful Dead concert.  In this first ever European appearance on May 24, 1970 the Dead blasted out in the open air at the Hollywood Music Festival a show that is still remembered (see Dick's notes below and the bevy of British reviews.  Oh and some goodies are here.  No words necessary, you have much to read below.  Required reading is  I'm just a late comer. 

My favorite quote is from The London Times (full article below):

Some video survives (see below also).  Even a DVD that has mixed reviews. Also some nice first hand memories at  Have fun today

From Deadlists Newcastle-Under-Lyme, England
Date 5/24/70 - Sunday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One [2:14:44] ; Intro [0:21] ; Casey Jones [4:39] ; [0:42] ; China Cat Sunflower [3:17] > Jam [2:05] > I Know You Rider [4:14] ; [0:58] ; Hard To Handle [7:52] ; [0:33] ; Me And My Uncle [3:15] ; [1:46] ; Cryptical Envelopment [2:03] > Drums [2:48] > The Other One [8:39] > Cryptical Envelopment [7:24] > Attics Of My Life [5:36] % [0:53] ; Drums [0:26] > Good Lovin' [1:57] > Drums [1:27] > Good Lovin' [6:17] ; [0:55] ; Cold Rain And Snow [5:55] ; [0:15] % Dark Star [21:21] > Saint Stephen [6:06] > Not Fade Away [6:08] > Turn On Your Lovelight [12:40] > Darkness Jam [0:34] > Turn On Your Lovelight [20:00] ; [1:45]
Comments The "Holly Wood Festival" This is the complete Dead set. Timings are from a combination of the AUD and the SBD. Several bandmembers said this was the coldest audience they ever played for, and you can feel them straining mightily to finally achieve liftoff over the 33:14 span of the showclosing Lovelight. A bit more than a minute into the Attics someone (Phil?) can be heard in the left channel calling out "E -- E chord" to Pigpen -- Attics was still new. There is a Tighten Up Jam starting about 3:30 into Dark Star. There is a Dancin Tease at 18:03 into Dark Star. There is a cut 23:16 into the Lovelight on the AUD, probably a tape flip, with 20-40 seconds lost. The AUD tape contains the complete show. The newly circulating SBD of the entire show has the first 30 seconds of Casey Jones clipped. It also has a cut at 3:24 of Saint Stephen, with 26 seconds missing.

This was the Dead's first overseas show (they played Canada in '67). There is said to be film of at least part of this set in existance.

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