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Monday, March 13, 2017

Mystery Cats Space Jams in 1978 Rival The Dead

Start with the 23:55 Lonesome from 1978-02-18. Or start with any of these and spend 71:04 in bliss. I listened to that Lonesome on my white earbuds last night in 320 and thought to myself, put in the CD and listen again. Today link is here

Although I am in the minority, the 1978 version of the Jerry Garcia Band with Jerry, John, Keith and Donna, Maria Muldaur and Buzz Buchanan was my favorite (1977-11-15 to 1978-11-03 maybe 11-04, right LIA and JGMF).  What's wrong with 1978 Howard??

1978 was a bit of a let down after the 8 Grateful Dead shows I saw in 1977, but the Jerry Band was smokin' in 1978. I wish I saw more than 1978-03-11 and 1978-03-14.   One of the big tapes we listened to all the time back then was the 1978-03-18 Warner Theater in DC, which I am sure you all know by heart.

Longest Songs played by Grateful Dead or Jerry Garcia Band in 1978 (according to my iTunes :)

Ollin Arrageed              38:24 1978-09-14  Gizah
Don't Let Go                 29:46 1978-02-19  Santa Cruz
Playing In the Band      27:21  1978-01-15  Fresno
Terrapin Station            24:47  1978-04-11  Atlanta
Playing In the Band      24:36  1978-02-03  Madison
Lonesome                     23:56  1978-02-18  San Rafael
Dancin In The Streets   23:44  1978-01-07  San Diego (Jerry can't sing, stretch out every song)
Not Fade Away             21:42  1978-10-22  Winterland
The Other One              20:59  1978-01-22  Eugene  (ok, with the Close Encounters, this is the best)
Lonesome                     19:49   1978-03-18  Warner, DC

The usual suspects who cover Jerry on an ongoing basis for the past 20 years like can tell you more but this is just a teaser for you til my next giant Grateful Dead post.

Fuck you Camden NJ

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