Asked to describe the Grateful Dead's music, Garcia is reported to have quipped, “We were great for seconds on end.” (stolen from Cubensis site)

Monday, March 13, 2017

Mystery Cats Space Jams in 1978 Rival The Dead

Start with the 23:55 Lonesome from 1978-02-18. Or start with any of these and spend 71:04 in bliss. I listened to that Lonesome on my white earbuds last night in 320 and thought to myself, put in the CD and listen again. Today link is here

Although I am in the minority, the 1978 version of the Jerry Garcia Band with Jerry, John, Keith and Donna, Maria Muldaur and Buzz Buchanan was my favorite (1977-11-15 to 1978-11-03 maybe 11-04, right LIA and JGMF).  What's wrong with 1978 Howard??

1978 was a bit of a let down after the 8 Grateful Dead shows I saw in 1977, but the Jerry Band was smokin' in 1978. I wish I saw more than 1978-03-11 and 1978-03-14.   One of the big tapes we listened to all the time back then was the 1978-03-18 Warner Theater in DC, which I am sure you all know by heart.

Longest Songs played by Grateful Dead or Jerry Garcia Band in 1978 (according to my iTunes :)

Ollin Arrageed              38:24 1978-09-14  Gizah
Don't Let Go                 29:46 1978-02-19  Santa Cruz
Playing In the Band      27:21  1978-01-15  Fresno
Terrapin Station            24:47  1978-04-11  Atlanta
Playing In the Band      24:36  1978-02-03  Madison
Lonesome                     23:56  1978-02-18  San Rafael
Dancin In The Streets   23:44  1978-01-07  San Diego (Jerry can't sing, stretch out every song)
Not Fade Away             21:42  1978-10-22  Winterland
The Other One              20:59  1978-01-22  Eugene  (ok, with the Close Encounters, this is the best)
Lonesome                     19:49   1978-03-18  Warner, DC

The usual suspects who cover Jerry on an ongoing basis for the past 20 years like can tell you more but this is just a teaser for you til my next giant Grateful Dead post.

Fuck you Camden NJ

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